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Posted on Apr 7, 2021

Nimbus Marketing

The crazy thing about emotions and purchase decisions is that people are driven by different and distinct types of mind maps. I remember when I was an IT professional and dealt with dozens of different types of people on a weekly basis. I quickly learned to tailor the way I presented information based on they way they seemed to think.

For example, I frequently ran across the "superlative" mind map. These people want "The fastest, the latest, the greatest, the most expensive, the coolest" etc. This helped me to sell them expensive custom-built super computers very easily. If I had been a regular computer geek, I would have been in my own world of technical jargon and missed many opportunities.

Another example: because I frequently helped businesses owners with their IT infrastructure, I quickly learned the "managerial" mind map traits. These people are busy and often have quite a bit of responsibility. They want to hear things like "consider it done, I'm on it, I'll take care of it, your wish is my command" etc. Managerial mind maps don't want to be bothered with details. They're too busy for that. They just want to things to get done and the details summarized.

Keep your target mind map in mind when creating your web pages, sales copy, paid ads, value propositions, emails, etc. Below is a cheat sheet on the different types of mind maps/purchase behavior. There's a ton more information on mind maps that you can find by searching
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